About Me C# .NET developer in Brighton, UK

Hello, my name is Steve Gordon. I’m a C# .NET developer working in Brighton, East Sussex (UK). I work primarily with ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core to produce SaaS software at Madgex Ltd.

Outside of my main job, I maintain a strong interest and enthusiasm for development. I consume many blog posts, podcasts and videos to learn about the new technologies available to me. I’m very focused on the new ASP.NET Core product from Microsoft, blogging extensively about that.

I’m a regular contributor to open source on a very exciting project for Humanitarian Toolbox. Humanitarian Toolbox are a US charity who aim to provide free software solutions to disaster response and disaster relief charities. They are developing ASP.NET software solutions to support humanitarian causes with support from developers around the world. You can contribute as well via their Github account.

I live 30 minutes down the coast from Brighton in Eastbourne, with my wife and our two cats. When not coding or learning about coding, I enjoy walks, travelling and tennis.