ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection: What is the IServiceProvider and how is it Built?

If you’ve built applications using ASP.NET Core then you’ve most likely used the built-in dependency injection container from Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection. This package provides an implementation of the corresponding abstractions found in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions. In the previous post, we learned about the IServiceCollection, including how service registrations are converted to ServiceDescriptors and added to the collection. We’ll continue learning about […]

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.NET Internals - System.Threading.Channels - UnboundedChannel Part 3 Header

.NET Internals: System.Threading.Channels – UnboundedChannel<T> Part 3

In the previous post in this mini-series, we learned how items are written to an UnboundedChannel<T>. We explored the UnboundedChannel<T> type itself in the first blog post. Today I will complete the series and focus on how items are read from an UnboundedChannel using its UnboundedChannelReader. Other Posts in Series Part 1 – UnboundedChannel<T> Part […]

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