Introducing My Blog

I’ve been thinking about creating a blog on and off for a year or so. I like the idea of sharing what I learn and if nothing else it gives me somewhere to write stuff down that I might later need. I’ve had a blog before and finding the time and discipline to keep it going was tough. I hope I do better this time around.

It’s mostly going to be about ASP.NET and C# since those are what I work with day to day. It’s an exciting time with the nearing release of ASP.NET Core 1.0 and I’ll be mostly investigating the code and concepts for that product as I use it for new projects. I enjoy learning new things and I want to get as good a grip as possible on how things work and best ways to use this technology. I’ll cover the things I learn as I go.

As far as intro’s go, I think that’ll do. We’ll see how well I keep this up and if I find the time to post.