Using BodyReader and BodyWriter in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Using the BodyReader and BodyWriter in ASP.NET Core 3.0 Utilising System.IO.Pipelines for High-Performance ASP.NET Core 3.0

In this post, I will describe a scenario and potential use case for the BodyReader and BodyWriter properties which are now exposed in ASP.NET Core 3.0 via the HttpContext on the HttpRequest and HttpResponse respectively. Note, that I’m working with these during Preview 6 of the 3.0 release, so things may have changed a little […]

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Running AWS DynamoDB Locally for .NET Core Developers Configuring an ASP.NET Core application to use a local DynamoDB Docker container

For a recent set of .NET Core based microservices I have found myself using AWS DynamoDB as a data store. I recently discovered that AWS provides (and have done for 5 years!) a local version of DynamoDB which is perfect for testing applications offline and without the need to set up actual DynamoDB tables in […]

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How to record metrics to DataDog from ASP.NET Core Recording metrics and events to DataDog in development and production in AWS ECS.

I’m currently architecting and building a new microservices based system at work. A priority of mine has been to learn from the experience of building our first microservices project by putting a greater focus on logging and monitoring. We freely acknowledge that we didn’t get this as good as we would have liked in our […]

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