.NET Internals - System.Threading.Channels - UnboundedChannel Part 1 Header

.NET Internals: System.Threading.Channels – UnboundedChannel<T> (Part 1)

In a previous post, I introduced System.Threading.Channels and explained how it can be used. At a high-level, it provides a modern, optimised asynchronous API for in-process publisher/subscriber patterns. Since that post, Stephen Toub, Partner Software Engineer at Microsoft, has published an in-depth blog post which shows how the feature is designed and covers common consumption […]

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Integration Testing ASP.NET Core Applications Best Practices Header

Integration Testing ASP.NET Core Applications: Best Practices

I’m excited to announce the release of my fourth course at Pluralsight – “Integration Testing ASP.NET Core Applications: Best Practices“. This latest course focuses on using the ASP.NET Core integration testing framework. Many developers will be familiar with the concepts of unit testing their applications. ASP.NET Core supports more in-depth end-to-end integration testing, with the […]

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