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Profiling Memory Allocations on Linux using the JetBrains dotMemory Command-Line Profiler

In a previous post (Automating memory profiling with the JetBrains dotMemory Profiler API), I described the steps that could be used to automate the collection of memory snapshots and profiling data by using the JetBrains Profiler API NuGet package. In that post, we triggered the profiling session using the dotMemory application on Windows. As part […]

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Interpreting the .NET Core Memory Timeline in Jetbrains dotMemory

Interpreting the .NET Core Memory Timeline in JetBrains dotMemory Writing High-Performance C# and .NET Code: Part 6

In my last post, which is part of my ‘Writing High-Performance C# and .NET Code‘ series,  we looked at how dotMemory can be used to view the amount of memory allocated by code in an application using the memory traffic comparison. In this post, I’ll begin looking at some of the other information available in […]

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